Made in Belgium: the (Flemish) music industry awards

The MIA's , music industry awards have just been awarded for 2010 in Belgium.  Interesting to see who has been featured on my "Made in Belgium" series already  and who should get featured soon :-) (nope I didn't run out of inspiration yet) .   If any of you has missed these great artists on my's chance to revisit them as they are truly some of my favourites :)

  • 6 nominations (hit of the year, male solo artist, video, pop artist, dance/electronics, breakthrough)
  • award for hit of the year (not surprisingly with a number 1 position in 13 countries and getting remixed by Kanye West in the US)
  • award for breakthrough of 2010
  • 2 nominations (male solo artist, hit of the year)
  • award for male solo artist
Bart Peeters:
  • 4 nominations (best Dutchspeaking, live act, author/composer, album)
  • award for best Dutchspeaking
  • 2 nominations (artwork, dance/electronics)
  • Award for artwork
  • Award in category dance/electronics
  • 5 nominations (best group, rock/alternative, live-act, twice best musician)
  • award for best musician
  • award for best group
Ozark Henry:
  • 3 nominations (best pop artist, album, author/composer)
  • award for best pop artist
Selah Sue:
  • 1 nomination (best female artist)
  • award for best female artist
 Tom Dice:
  • 4 nominations (hit of the year, male solo artist, pop artist, breakthrough)
Flip Kowlier:
  • 3 nominations  (male solo artist, musician, dutchspeaking)

And other awarded artists will show up in the coming weeks on Wednesday over here ....stay tuned


Betsy said…
Yay! Selah Sue won! Awesome!

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