Miscelleanious thoughts from previous year

* "As from the start of the new year, all postmen will receive a helmet" it was announced on the news "and they must put it on".   Glad they specified that :)

* Some of our friends moved recently and in the new house was no digital tv yet.  Their son was watching tv and wanted to pauze the program in order to go to the toilet.  The fact that this was not possible and that there was no pauze button available on the remote control was incomprehensible too him.
...interesting to watch his honest confusion.

* if you're shoveling your driveway, I can recommend you to not throw the snow on your waste bin. It's rather silly to dig it out again afterwards.

* Did you know they now sell bird seed balls with different tastes? Seriously should I hang one with curry flavour or more tomato mozarella, what do you think?

* 2 weeks of vacation are gone and I am late in finishing my library books. ...oops. (let's not even look at the ironing baglog).


Kat Mortensen said…
Fun post! You iron?

Brian Miller said…
ha...i need to ask my birds what they enjoy...
Virtualsprite said…
Funny! I'd definitely go with the tomato mozzarella. The birds here don't like spicy foods.
Snooker said…
I'm imagining the point at which "whoever" realized that the trash can was now covered with snow and would need to be uncovered.
Goofball said…
@virtual sprite: well it didn't actually say which were the tasts but there was a curry color looking ball and a soft red one and a green one...so I just imagined what the heck tastes they would have put in there :p.

@snooker: I actually saw it happening when Jan was throwing swiftly all the snow behind him. At that point the bin was only half covered and I uncovered the lid again,thinking that would be fine. But the week afterwards it had snowed plenty and plenty and so snow had covered the lid again and our neighbour had continued throwing snow on the big pile. So when we came back I immediately realised that it was in that big white mountain that had formed itself along the driveway. it actually took us 40 minutes to find it and dig it out :p

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