Perfectly clear chat conversation

G:  Come on...
S:  Ouch
G: Hmm not good
S: Come on
G: Aaah nerve-wrecking
S: Ah that was good
S: Damn
G: Shit
S: Shit
G: pfffff
G: it's not good
S: nope
G: Alleeeeeee, push now
G: Damn
G: Hup hup hup
S: :(
G: Fuck it

G: yes, it's turning
G: Hup hup hup, come one
S: Yesss
G: hahaa the little fist is back
S: ok now it must happen

G: aaaah that's how it should be
S: yesyes
S: Nice
G: gosh she can look angry....nice skirt by the way
S: nah, doesn't look good with the trophee
G: ;)
G: I'm gonna go continue cleaning the kitchen, seems that it works way better then
S: yes leave it does make a big difference

G: YESSSS, (can I come back already)
S: Damn
G: Shit
S: go back to your kitchen please
G: woooohoo kitchen is very clean and all is going alright
S: party party!
S: YESSSSS yes, allright
G: wooohooo serving for the tournament
G: I promise I'll go back to the kitchen ;)

S: matchpoint
S: :) :) :)
G: Yipeeeeeeeee
G: ooooh so beautiful

Kim Clijsters just won the Australian Open and is back #2 in women's tennis. Brilliant, we love her! :)
And the 16-year old An-Sophie Mestach from Ghent won the Australian Open junior's titles, both singles and doubles.  Yeaaaaah the Belgians still rule women's tennis. Too bad Justine Henin had to quit the WTA circuit this week because of her continuous medical problems with her elbow :(.


Meyser said…
Ik moest zo hard lachen met dit stukje! Mijn moeder heeft ook de keuken niet uit durven komen, omdat Clijsters beter speelt als ze niet kijkt :)
Goofball said…
@Meyser: hehe, d'er zullen zo te horen veel goed georganiseerde keukens zijn op dit moment ;).
Brian Miller said… mind is in the wrong places...
Lilacspecs said…
Cool! I really like Kim Clijsters! Glad she won it, even if she looks grumpy and her boobs got bigger. Hehehe.

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