Cartrip "Between lakes and peat/moor lands"

We always see the road signs getting here so we got curious and decided to follow the touristic car tour throughout the high east of Belgium to discover this area further more. Big parts we had already driven through quite frequently (not hard if the itinerary passed 3 times within 1 to 5 kms from our door)  but we passed through quite some new villages too.

It was a fun tour, but way too long for my patience to sit in the car. There was a cutting cold wind so we didn't stop too often to explore much by foot and I think that would have made the tour much more interesting (and turn it really into a half a day/ day trip which we didn't have the time for).   It was ok for once but I don't think I'll do the entire circle anymore in one afternoon.

Here's some of the stops we did do

1) The Vesder river dammed near Eupen (one of the 4 power dam lakes in the area)

2) Old convent buildings of Reichenstein just across the German border, which have passed through a long list of different (not quite so religious) functions over the last century but which have been bought by Benedictins from France in 2008 who are now restoring it and will start a new convent at this site

3) View when approaching  Kalterherberg, Germany

4) Butchenbach lake (one of the 4 power dam lakes in the area)

5) A little stop in the village of Bellevaux, just south of Malm├ędy where we were very disappointed to find the local brewery closed. Damn, we were so thirsty after all that driving.

6) Falise rock with view on the Warche valley


Brian Miller said…
nice there were some pretty cool looking places to explore in there...

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