Made in Belgium: Thunderball

I heard this a few days ago on the radio and immediately I was catapulted back to high school.  I saw my classmates in black combats, skinny black jeans and colorful wide batik T-shirts  jumping around on parties screaming TataTaaTaaataaaa loudly. I saw our English teacher whom we had convinced to join us on the dance floor (don't ask me on which occasion we were dancing with our teachers in the neighbourhood.....that's weird) and who did an impression of some sort of cossack dance.

I had brought the Bonza Channel one on one of my cassette tapes to Canada during my exchange.   It brought a welcome nostalgic link to some rave music and the European house scene while being submerged in a mixture of Alanis Morissette, Loreena Mc Kennit and country music.   Gosh it felt sometimes so great to scream with a funny little voice in my room   "BONSAAAI  Ta Taaattaaa TAtaaaataa, BONSAI" from Thunderball.

Bonzai channel one - 1993


Brian Miller said… the beat....makes me want to move!

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