Just spent 4 hours on the train, to  leave Amsterdam and the Dutch on a sunny afternoon, cross Flanders, cross Wallonia to get out in German-speaking Belgium. Ha, feels like I've just travelled for days and passed through half of the world. But really it was just my evening commute for this week .


Brian Miller said…
wow. i dont want that commute...welcome home...and enjoy your weekend!
Jenn said…
That is crazy. Crazy that your commute is between two countries. How's the new job going?

Goofball said…
@Brian: all honesty it was that long because I went straight to the Ardennes. I would have been home sooner (and only crossing one language zone) if I had gone to Leuven.

@Jenn: still getting loads of information, trying to absorb and learn what it is all about. I still teach someone my old job too so it's extremely busy but each day is less of the old stuff and more clarity in the new. All new colleagues seem nice though
Virtualsprite said…
Some days I feel like I cross into a different country on my commute, but I never have. :-)

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