Just a perfect day

After an exhausting week full of changes, meeting new people and juggling 2 jobs (getting a hand-over and giving a hand-over) , long hours and a mind that felt like exploding

After hardly seeing Jan in 5 days

I finally arrived in the Ardennes last night and I got to sleep in
...and I was woken up by Jan who dropped my favourite neighbour cat who had come over for a visit on our bed
...and I had a long lazy breakfast and some surfing time in the sofa
...after which I tackled the bathroom  further.  After the styrofoam had been gone, it was now time to attack the different layers of harmed & ugly wall paper underneath. And the walls that were still lacking the faintest bit of paint now got primer so they are ready for a fresh start tomorrow.  Big papering & painting plans ahead :)

...after a nice stonegrill dinner it is now time to retire next to the fireplace

Aaah a perfect day :)


Brian Miller said…
nice...sounds like a good day...and by the fireplace a good night...glad the week went ok as well...

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