Lovely spring walk

Today we went for a walk between the Botrange and the German border...a vast area of woods and moor lands/fens with very few other people out there.

This little black lake has already been featured here.

Some snags in a rare part of the woods with beeches

The highest level of forestry activity I've seen around here over a year.

At the highest point of our walk (620m), we had a nice view of the valleys down below. We live a few km in front of that little tower at the horizon in the middle, more down in the Warche valley. Can you spot our neighbour cat :p?

A monument for Russian war prisoners put to forced labor in these woods by the German occupier.

My  name is Camouflage

Jan's favourite cows, some sort of highlanders that are more and more bred (again) here at the highest point of Belgium where the winters are pretty harsh.


Brian Miller said…
love the long haired cool...thanks for taking us on the wal k...enjoyed the views for sure...
Virtualsprite said…
Such beautiful photos and beautiful scenery. It makes me feel like I'm there! Thank you for sharing.
Shanae Branham said…
Thank you for the walk. I have never seen your part of the world before. It is lovely. Thank you for sharing.
Goofball said…
@all: you are welcome, glad you enjoyed it :)

@Shanae: thanks for your visit

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