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Some groups start off as a joke in a popular radio program "Het Leugenpaleis" where one of the comical sketches were centered around "Clement Peerens", a non-polical matcho from Antwerp, who was a self-proclaimed pop expert who vented his opinions on his colleagues of the music industry. 

However if the participants are that good and that professional and they get the idea to form a real group around the gimmick, then success is guarenteed. Especially if the radio program gets transformed in an comic tv show full of absurd sketches "het Peulengaleis".  The spin-off music band  has already released 4 CD's full of music with high cultural titles such as  "don't you think my ass is too fat in this skirt"   "Come one give me that remote control" "fair bitch"  .   Hahaha, fun, absurd to go and see them and yet so professional (all are professional mucisians in other bands  eg Bart Peeters, Ronny Mosuse, Hugo Matthijsen, ...  You can never have too many parody bands :). Too bad most of my readers don't understand the Antwerp dialect

Vinde ga mijn gat

Gef da kaske na eens hier

dikke lu - 1994


Brian Miller said…
ha. theseguys are characters..i like that...wish i understood the words...

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