Only in Belgium

Jan made some fabulous "boulettes de Lièges" tonight and I drove to the village to get some fries to serve along.  So when I left the local fries shop with the package of deliciously smelling golden goodies and drove back, I noticed there's a police check-point next to the road.   They signaled me to stop so I pulled to the side of the road.

P:  "Good evening, can you show us your driver's licence, car registration, car insurance, ...."
G: "Yes of course."
[pulling my driver's license out of my wallet and handing it over, then grabbing the booklet holding the other documentation]
P: " just got fries."
G: "Euh yes indeed." [while browsing through the folder trying to get the right papers out asap]
P: "Oh well your front light is broken, you must get it fixed as soon as you can, but you can go home now and eat your fries"
G: "My light?????  Really, I hadn't noticed(*)....sure ok. Do you still need my papers?" [waving with my booklet with half pulled out documents]
P: "No that's ok, have a nice dinner"

Ha, never underestimate the power of Belgian fries!

(*) seriously with that moon out, I had not noticed !


Brian Miller said…
ha. that is did not even have to offer him one...smiles.
Betsy said…
So he was either charmed by the smell of your fries, (or your smile!) or you slipped 20 Euros in among your papers... (or maybe all three!)
Goofball said…
@Betsy: or he was that hungry that he really didn't want to spend time writing me a ticket in a fries smell

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