Our mirror garden shack

What to do with a mini city garden where you have to store bikes, bbq, garbage bins?
What to do with a mini city garden that you want to "enlarge"?
What to do with a mini city garden if you want to add a modern touch to it?

Well....a long time ago we envisioned a garden wardrobe with lots of squares (repeating theme from the living room cupboards) but with smokey mirrors.   My handy father-in-law (who also made our wonderful basement staircase) started designing and welding.   Due to many reasons the project got a lot of delay but this weekend the installement in our garden has started and it's immediately a huge difference. Wooohoo, so exciting!

So what do you think?

(we'll fix the grass after all those works are done)


Jenn said…
I LOVE it! I think we should do something similar in our garden. Do you need special mirrors or will any mirror do?

Brian Miller said…
wow. i think it looks really cool!
zusjesenzo said…
Wauw! Dikke proficiat voor de schoonvader... heel knap werk!
yab said…
Heel tof! En superorigineel.
Anonymous said…
Knap gedaan!!
Veerle said…
Hopelijk heb je er in deze kwakkelzomer al wat van kunnen genieten. Ik heb dezelfde vraag als Jenn: heb je hiervoor speciale buitenspiegels nodig? Zo ja, waar haal je die vandaan?
Goofball said…
@Jenn, Veerle: we didn't take special "outside" mirrors. Let's hope that doesn't turn out a big mistake in the future. It are however shaded mirrors so some dirt or maybe later some dark spots won't bee too disturbing immediately

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