This week I got to participate in my first Western European IT meeting since being in my new role, meeting the IT managers I work with but whom I only knew by e-mail or phone so far. Even better was the fact that the meeting was hosted by our Swiss colleagues:   hotel with gorgeous view on lake and snow white mountains, raclette in the evening, ....  I told my boss I am really enjoying my new job like that and that this meeting has set high expectations for the next meetings to come.  The answer was swift and clear "Well, you've simply joined at our peak". :p  So I guess I'll prepare myself for the next weeks and months in the office again ;).

But the peak can be taken quite literally as we took the opportunity for some "high-level" team building. That quite beats being in the office!


fxox said…
Hey beautiful, lovely to hear form you over on the blog :-) am so sorry I havent been round.

You were in La Suisse! Where where!!?

Hugs and much love FXOXO
fxox said…
Am so glad youre enjoying your new job!!

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