Spring's around the corner

Spent a lovely afternoon at my parent's place and we got to enjoy the first warmth of the sun this year. It was actually quite nice already out of the sun!

Now I'm back in the Ardennes where it still freezes at night, so enjoying the fire going. 
By the way, the moon tonight was absolutely spectacular! I took about 2 dozen messed up pictures, even from a highway parking lot but they really do not show the reality.  Afterwards I heard that the moon is the closest to earth in many many years and looks therefore 14% bigger and closer than usual.  It really looked like a huge ball just next to the road. 


Brian Miller said…
ah the moon is gorgeous tonight...though really jacking up my boys...ugh...hard night
Autumn Leaf said…
Die spectaculair mooie maan viel mij ook op! Dankzij jou weet ik nu waarom die er zo bijzonder uit zag.

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