Back in the Ardennes

  • When we arrived here last year for the first time, our neighbour pointed to his lawn and said "ça pousse bien ici" (1).  Hmm, we noticed that after our several weeks of absence. Ouch, that grass cutting job was challenging to say the least. It looked almost like last year's wilderness again but we tamed it succesfully. Got even the moss out of the terras stone edges.

  • We heard that the neighbour cat that always comes visiting, had been run over by a car :( :( :( 
  • The neighbours do have a new little kitten in the house and I  can't wait to have it visiting .  The other older cat now seems a bit lost and is taking its distance after the accident.
  • Jan thought this morning that a cow was having a calf.  It didn't but now he got me staring at all those big cows again now, checking every now and then whether the series would start again, whether any of these big bellies are twitching. 
  • I don't think the calves are happy to see Jan back. He amuses himself to startle them whenever they come close.  It's funny to watch Jan make funny moves and than cracking up in laughter himself. Boys will always be boys I suppose.
  • The fens that had burned in that big fire look green already...I guess at least grass comes back really quickly but the peat layers and the more delicate and rare plants not quite so. But I had never expected to see it freshly green again so quickly.
  • It was 29C at the Botrange this afternoon.  Quite amasing since usually the Ardennes are consistently colder than the rest of the country and since yesterday it was still only 11C and raining.

(1) it grows fast/well here


Korie said…
If it's been raining in the Ardennes as much as it has here I can imagine the grass was out of control!

Enjoy your summer house!!
Goofball said…
@Lilacspecs: true but in al fairness it had been extremely extremely dry until the end of May as well so I believe this has grown in just 2-3 weeks :p
Brian Miller said…
awww...poor cat...and yikes on the grass...that would be some job

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