Beautiful British Columbia

I had written before how I've enjoyed getting away from the Canadian cities and drive through the countryside and nature parks.  Well still all the nature in Quebec and Ontaria did not compare at all to the scenery in the west.  Even though I knew that, it was once again such an overwhelming & pleasant surprise to arrive in the rugged wild nature of BC. 

Rough high rocks towering over the road, winding highways along ocean bays with view on islands like little drops on the water (and with some luck a while spraying by?),  ospreys & bald eagles circling as if they were blackbirds in a city yard,  glacier lips bending over cautiously to check out the traffic,  desert valleys with their own arid beauty,  red cedars & douglas fir that rise up to meet the sky where your neck hurts to watch, green furtile river wide valleys alternated with long impressive lakes,  wine ranks & fruit orchards with a mountain view, ....

We've been here before and often our jaw dropped in the car and you could hear a wow escaping. 
"Beautiful British Columbia", it's not an idle tagline. I love it and I miss it


Brian Miller said…
wow. some gorgeous the little ground hog right in the middle...ha.
yab said…

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