Biking in the east of Belgium

Jan started talking about getting some bikes in the Ardennes a while ago and now that summer had arrived, he really wanted to get going. Given the fact that I suck in demanding bikerides with a lot of slopes up & down and given the fact that the Ardennes aren't exactly like flat Flanders , I was rather reluctant about the new project. Surely I am not cut out to bike around there.

But we left anyway, we'd see how it goes. The first hill on the other side from the lake almost killed me already and I am confused about the differrent gears to use etc  but it slowly got better and the landscapes were gorgeous and the weather was ideal for a ride.

This little restaurant bar next to a fish pond was a nice stop too and I even went up that hill in the background (which went on much further by the way, up and up for a few kms) fairly good. 

but by the end I was more energy, breath and only trembling muscles left.  Ironically enough we seemed to find ourselves on a road along which the way of the cross was displayed.

But with some extra stops (gotta make some pictures right :p) and a slow rhythm I made it.  If I look tired in that last picture, that's because I was.


Virtualsprite said…
Gorgeous photos! Good for you for tackling the hills, too. I got a new bike this year, too, and I'm really enjoying bike rides. I'm even biking to work when I can (which is unusual where I live in Wisconsin because everything is really spread out).
Brian Miller said…
nice. the boys have bikes...we need to get bikes for the adults...
Unknown said…
I'm looking for a lake by a similar name in Wisconsin.
I believe its spelled Lake Kashkanan or at least thats how my grandmother pronounced it.

Any help? I need to spread her remains

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