Made in Belgium: Lady Lin and the magnificient seven

Every summer again there's a fresh sexy appearance on Belgium's many summer festivals : Lady Linn (and her magnificent seven).  This talented lady from Ghent  studied jazz and gathered 7 mucisians to form a group. First she mainly covered jazzy old songs, but since a few years she brings her own music.  She's fresh and she's good and she's ever more succesfull. Right now, we all get entertained by her "Cry baby cry" and in 2009 and 2010 she got the Flemish music industry award for best female artist.  So it's about time I introduce her to you all :)

Cry Baby Cry - Spring 2011

Love affair - 2010

I don't wanna dance - 2009

Here we go again - 2009

Mercy - Music clash Selah Sue / Trigger Finger / Lady Linn / Absynth Minded (I add especially this long clip with 4 excellent groups and know Betsy will love me for that) (Betsy, there were in the metro in Paris big posters about a festival in Arras where apparently Selah Sue is one of the headliners!! way to go!)


Brian Miller said…
ha. intersting music...i cant see all of them in the US...and a different voice...

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