Made in Belgium: Marc Moulin

Just imagine a warm summer evening. It's been a long day and you're tired.  You get home and there's a cocktail waiting for you and you enjoy it together in the dark outside in the garden.  And in the background is this jazzy lounge music....

Perfect isn't it??

Marc Moulin is a Brussels jazz musician who also became an author, radio producer and composed & produced a lot of jazz influenced music that got fused with other music styles.  He passed away in 2008.

in the dark

I am you - 2007

who stole the groove



Virtualsprite said…
Love it. Cool jazz with some techno/funk undertones. Very nice.

Thank you for the hair advice, too! I think you are exactly right and I'm going to hold off.
Brian Miller said…
mmm...this is fine music...

mare - horse
a mare can dream - american dream, i was playing with words...

tickle fights are way cool...ha.

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