Beleuvenissen tropical 2011

The weather wasn't exactly tropical at all. In fact, we were supposed to be diving and camping in the Netherlands this long Belgian holiday weekend but the weekend got cancelled due to the horrendous (cold, wind, rain) predictions.  All in all the weekend didn't turn out as bad as expected, yet it still felt pretty absurd to go to a "tropical" festival.

Weapened with a rainjacket and my thick sweater, I was still rilling when going downtown and talked to Jan about maybe returning.  But we gave it a chance, went on and as soon as we turned to the Hogeschoolplein where cuban (type) music floated towards us and the crowd was happely watching, chatting and drinking cocktails, it felt a lot warmer immediately. 

We cruised along all the squares alternating young urban cuban music with a swinging Columbian music, to a fiesta loco from Antwerp.  Everywhere the atmosphere seemed good and little kids were jumping and dancing...amazing how they pick up rhythms naturally.

Only at the Big Market square we didn't stay for long...Loes Van De Heuvel really sings out of tune, yikes.  I did not need a revival of the Championettes.  We stayed the longest at the Oude Markt to listen to Sweet Coffee. Very nice, but the "tropical" theme was truly lost here.  A bit out of place, but nevertheless nice listening.


Brian Miller said…
yeah i can see where it might get lost...i do like beach music though...

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