Made in Belgium : 2manydj's

2 sons of a famous Belgian radio DJ and tv show presentor , Stephen  & David Dewaele founded their rock group Soulwax succesfully but as a side project they also among others pull off 2manyDJ's.  2manyDJ's became the leaders in the world of mash-ups and bastard pop and are now asked by groups such as Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Coldplay ask them to remix their work. 

It all started with some radioshows where they filled an hour with impossible music combinations: disco combined with rock, hip-hop and new wave. The MP3's started spreading and now the 2  brothers are rarely ever in Belgium anymore. When they come back from a show in Brazil, Australia or the US, it's big news in Belgium.  They were headliners at Tommorrowland, Belgium's biggest dance festival last weekend.

There's a lot of material on Youtube, but a lot of crappy  live recordings. Best impression of their work you can hear in their webradio:    Try it, I bet you won't turn it off easily.  Always full of surprises what comes by.

Joe Le Taxi / Crush On You

Satisfaction in the club

Out Of Space (Prodigy) vs Emerge (Fischerspooner)

Live at Rock Werchter 2009


Brian Miller said…
this was really cool!

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