Dear Rusty,

16 years ago you were waving me enthousiastically at the airport before we had even ever met.  Before I could introduce myself, I was embraced in a big hug .   A few weeks ago we met again and we could talk and  connect and I could thank you once again for all the things you've done for me during my exchange year as my host dad and Rotary councellor.  I am so gratefull I've been able to hug you again so recently, but I had never thought it would have been the last time.

At this moment it is with a heavy heart that I join your family and friends when they say their last good-byes. Rest in peace Rusty.


zusjesenzo said…
Ik kan me voorstellen dat het een hele klap is, uiteindelijk is het toch bijna hetzelfde als echte familie voor jou he? Veel sterkte!
anno said…
So glad you got to see him recently. So sorry for the great loss in your life: this picture speaks volumes. Wishing peace to you, his family, and friends.

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