When I started diving I was looking for fish....smiling at Nemo's, searching for murrays & beautiful lionfish etc and totally getting excited over anything bigger or more rare.

Now that I've seen all of those more often, I notice I start to enjoy & watch the beauty of the abundant corals much more. Gorgonians, impressive big table corals, little pulsing flowers, hard corals in multiple corals....Very beautiful


Brian Miller said… boys are loving these pictures by the way...we came back and looked at the fish this morning...
Virtualsprite said…
Wow... beautiful photos! How lucky you are!
Snooker said…
Now... hover over something that from above simply looks like a simple rock. Really look closely and study what you are seeing. Before you know it you will start to see little creatures moving about, mini worms poking their heads out, and mini spider-like thingies crawling around.

Before you know it, that rock that looked so simple now has its own eco-system, and is a world unto its own.


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