Time is not more on our side

529 days without a government

Several weeks ago we had agreements on the constitutional reforms, agreements on restructuring of the federal responsibilities etc....The pain points that had paralyzed this country for 4 years had been resolved.

And then the work started that each country must do: budget & priorities on the actual governing.  In the midst of the Euro crisis and a Belgian bank that had to be rescued, the discussion tensions were no longer Flemish/French  or a North/South contrast but Liberal versus Socialist discussion (ok ok, respectively that is also a Flemish/French difference) .   Budget savings or new taxes.

And the water seems to deep.  We've managed finally our constitutional reforms, but fail in agreeing on the ratio of savings versus taxes. So now they are thinking about their position and if they want to continue.

Sure....as if in this economic turmoil where our interest rates are going up spectacularly and Europe warns us , time is on our side. Hey, 529 days only, we surely can do better!


Brian Miller said…
wow...it amazes me honestly...our govt is full of wackadoodles that pay little attention it seems so...

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