Made in Belgium: Selah Sue & Tom Barman vs. The Subs - Zanna

It's Christmas time again....since 7 years time for the charity action "Music for Life" from radio Studio Brussel & the Red Cross where famous radio DJ's lock themselves in a glass house for a week without solid food presenting 7/7 24/24 live  radio  while the entire country goes crazy in actions to collect money and pay for the music played all week. Unfortunately this well be the last year Studo Brussel is organising Music for Life :(.

Themesong is Zanna, which you can buy for this year's theme "Dhiarrea in Nepal" . I sure like it. (the song, not dhiarrea of course) (because we do give a shit).


Betsy said…
Wow, I LOVE it! Hadn't heard it yet, thanks! :-)

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