Merry Christmas to you all

I wish you good time with your family
I wish you a good laugh with the things the kids are saying
I wish you an overload of good food prepared with lots of love
I wish you several days to recover
I wish you a beautiful church service if you care to attend one
I wish you cosy decorations
I wish you a little blanket for in the sofa
I wish you some time to watch a cheezy christmas vacation afternoon movie
I wish you some time to sleep in
I wish you yummy left-overs to enjoy
I wish you a burning fire place
I wish you some candles to stare at

I wish you great holidays with your loved ones, some moments to enjoy & treasure


Lilacspecs said…
Prettige Feestdagen. :)
Brian Miller said…
i wish you all the same...been great so far...i am traveling back and forth as they are all at my parents house...i have to work this week so...ack...

brussel sprouts are second behind lima beans in the most disgusting things on the planet...and i have eaten some pretty bizarre things...ha.

i will take a waffle any day...smiles

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