My little nest

Slowly I gain some consciousness in the morning waking up from the depths of my sleep. When I reach out to snooze my alarm in protest of the abrupt & unwelcome ending of the night, I become aware of the coolness in the rest of the room and retreat quickly back in the cosy warmth of my little nest. My soft mattrass in which I can sink comfortably until it gives me firm support and the duvets well tucked under my back.  I can feel the position of the rest of my body which has not moved in a while and which is relaxed and comfortable and where my pillow & mattrass reflect my own warmth nicely.  Just perfect, no need to change anything, just dosing a little without guilt.

Those stolen moments before getting up, in the silent dark world, enjoying the cosynest of my own perfect little nest can be pure joy


Brian Miller said…
nice...yes it young one joined me today in that moment and we had a nice talk
Virtualsprite said…
Oh yes... I love bed.

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