Gorgeous winter time

As miserable last week's walk in -5C was due to the cutting wind and dampness, as gorgeous was our -8C walk this weekend in a crispy layer of snow in the sun without any wind.  I just could keep on walking and taking it all in. So we made a  big loop between the famous tourist locations of Baraque Michel, Mont Rigi and Signal de Botrange at the rooftop of Belgium and spent several hours working on a snow suntan .

An unusual morning sight in Belgium but not totally exceptional in the eastern heights

One of the many crosses is the "venen" (boglands) reminding its potential hostile nature

I am not venturing out without bundling up

View into Germany

Enjoying the gorgeous nature

Very flaky snow, very interesting structure

Wildlife proof

Signal de Botrange, Belgium highest point at 694m

Some locals training in cross-country skiing, although the pists were officially closed...not enough snow for mass skiing

Hey, which joker pulled my toque down?

Gorgeous sunshine


Brian Miller said…
oh yeah i would bind up as well...that is cold...love all the snow though...and like what it did to that bogplant too...cool pics...
Jenn said…
Snow is very beautiful. I can say that because we haven't had too much of it. But it does put a beautiful blanket on everything.

Ellen said…
Hey Goofball,
I haven't been blogging in forever!! Thanks for the New Years wishes, I hope that 2012 is treating you well so far :) LOVE the snow pictures! And just so you don't feel too cold, we had a week of -40C (with wind chill factor) two weeks ago :) I will try to be back more often!
take care, Ellen

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