Communion party inventory (3)

After the communion party 3 weeks ago and the one from last week, we had yet another 6-year old in the family

1) a child who just did his/her first communion: check

2) Food  ...and more food   and some more followed by desert  : check

child-friendly menu

Traditional icelamb

3) Family and friends who preferably bring a lot more kids along: check

4) A great location: check

5) Room to run around and play outside for the kids (or to diligently try to cut a tree down) : check

Cutting down trees is clearly a man's job

A trampoline show performed by the girls

5) Sun that graciously joined us at the start of the afternoon and gave me a sunburn and made me so adventurous that I took my nylons the evening we were huddling under some fleece blankets but at least we have sunny pictures :)


Brian Miller said…
see i am going to steal the communion party idea...thanks for the views of it and a little more on what it i said before we make a bigger deal of though...and nice pic of you in the end there...

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