Hanging out

We had a long weekend and I don't think I've ever looked so much forward to some time to sit down, to catch up sleep and simply relax a bit. My schedule is always busy but previous 2 weeks was a bit too tough with a building up lack of sleep.

It started with a last minute mandatory meeting thrown in at Amsterdam for which I had to drive down 2 days early, followed by a bad night of sleep and lots of work piling up.  The rest of the week was too much fun at our global conference with too little sleep, lots of socializing and interesting subjects.  Then a long drive through the Netherlands, Germany towards the Ardennes.
Last weekend I varnished our cork floor with different layers until late at night after which we got home just in time to sleep a bit before we went to my nephews communion party the next day.
And then the short but extra work week started where we took an Irish colleague out of dinner in Leuven at night and the next day I managed to do a one-day up and down commute to Amsterdam. On Wednesday I had a wonderful day meeting Canadian relatives (for which I found no time yet to post) and on Thursday we were again at a communion party.

In the mean time my RSS feed shows a scary number of unread posts while my klout score is crashing down.

But Thursday evening the rest of the extra long weekend could start in which I had gloriously nothing planned except sleeping in and hanging out with friends in the Ardennes. No obligations for 3 days at all.   Great I start feeling human again and that's a nice feeling.


Brian Miller said…
i am glad you are feeling human...smiles...sounds like life is busy for sure...so enjoy that down time...just got off work and ready for a relaxing evening myself...

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