Leuven in Scène: Circus at the city park

It should always be Leuven in Scène...not just because it's such an awesome program...our own small version of the Gentse Feesten,   but because each edition has managed awesome hot weather.  And then there's nothing more delightful but to hang around in the city park.

Theme there was circus which a lot of smaller acts for kids to try out while the parents were picknicking on the grassfield.

Kids have no fear to try out trapezes.  Every now and then a dwarf German talking elephant rode it's little bike through the park , gazed by many kids & adults.  Jochen der Elefant also seemt to enjoy the weather and the festivities in Leuven.

Jochen der Elefant

The smallest "Grand Café" opened at night in the park.  A very cozy welcoming place to hang around. 

For the performance of the clown Leandre , I've really been laughing with tears (not only because hayfever attacked severely this weekend).  With just mime he managed to invite people over at his improvised home, set-up a little birthday party for 2 kids etc. Even when his guests didn't always cooperate as he might have wished (several kids had the courage to take his invitation to go on stage but quickly ran off again which all of a sudden turned in a game where he found many kids in his "home" running in and out which he handled absolutely hilariously).  Somehow he had also managed to pick the perfect guy to be his house "mirror" who managed to play along quite well and started taking some funny initiative as well. Oh well you should have seen it, it was fun!

Leandre at Leuven in Scène

Leandre at Leuven in Scène

Leandre at Leuven in Scène


Brian Miller said…
it is really cool they had the smaller ones for kids to try out...my oldest would have loved that...cool colorful costumes as well..

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