A sunny evening in the Ardennes

I'm still wrapping up some work with one arm in the sun, holding a hot black computer mouse and one arm in the shade to ensure that my screen is positioned in the shade and remains visible, when a Dutch car pulls up: 

"Do you speak English?"
"Even more, we also speak Dutch"
"We are searching street x in this village "
"Euh...all of the streets around here, this is village x"
"Oh so x does not have streetnames?!  "
"Do you know where is a weekend rental place"
"Sure, there's multiple"

Since they had no name of the house neither a description we could not help them but to assure it had to be very closeby. They had to drive off again to check the house numbers a bit further down the street and look for their place to stay


A tiny bird is flying in and out of its birdbox attached to one of the side buildings of the tourist gite across. 


The neighbour is running through the field behind us trying to launch a kite up in the air.  Running through a field isn't so easy.  Their cat races up and down, overly excited and confused by the chords flying up and down. The big cow however isn't disturbed by the invaders and continues to chew while refusing to acknowledge their presence.


Jan and I are laying down a little bit while the BBQ is heating up. All of a sudden I recognise the sound of driveway stones being scratched and when I look up to see the neighbour 4-year old waiting shyly until I discover him.  The he comes running with little jumps just next to me where he waits until I start the conversation.

"Hi there, cooool, I see you are wearing your beautiful Cars shoes again"
[big grin]
"So it's a fantastic day, did you have fun playing?"
"Yes I did, but I'm not done playing yet!"
"Oh that's great"
"Yes, I'm still going to play, can I continue on your pod thing?"
(last week he wanted to see my iPad and had managed to activate Angry Birds with one random touch ...he was an immediate fan)
"Oh I'm very sorry but that's not possible right now, its battery died and it has to recharge first"
[disappointed face for a second, then a thinking face]
"ok, can I maybe come back another time to continue to play? "   (he completely ignores Jan next to me, playing with his iPad.....it's common knowledge that only those with red covers are fun to play with)


I realise I have a red sunburnt arm  and one pale one.  I'll have to try to balance that off this weekend ;)


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