Finally back in Zeeland!

Can you believe it had been 4 years since I dove in Zeeland? Neither did I, but I just looked it up. It even had been 2 years since I was hanging out there on the dry watching the other divers going in.

Needless to say that upon arrival at this view, I felt like I had been missing out.   Aaah , as soon as there's a little bit of sunshine there it feels like vacation!

Lots has changed there too: since last summer 3 wrecks have been sunk off closeby the dike, nicely marked with yellow buoys .   Nice spectacular images of the sinking of "The Serpent" can be seen here....a sinking which didn't go according to plan and the wreck ended up 10-15 m deeper than it had intended to be.  So afterwards two tiny boats got sunk shallower to allow inexperienced divers to access a wreck as well. Fortunately since my last dives in Zeeland, I gained sufficient experience to reach the Serpent.   Of course, compared to this sort of diving as at the Thislegorm, then the Serpent sucks. The low visibility + depth combined make it into a day-time nightdive and I was glad I could descend via the buoy line.  But it's still fun to "discover" all of a sudden the massive body of the sunk ship and explore it little by little with our lamps.
The ship's shape isn't too diverse and besides some tiny annemones & some crabs there isn't much live.

Later on the afternoon we stayed more shallow and tried to find the tiny "Zeehond" boat and the nearby reefballs which were full of annemones & seastars and fish. Much nicer to be honest.

Scharrendijke , Grevelingen lake

Scharrendijke, Grevelingen lake

De Kabbelaar


Brian Miller said…
i bet it is pretty fun to dive around wrecks....lots to take in and explore...

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