Hot weekend with friends

It was hot this weekend....up to 36 degrees. Finally nice summer weather to balance off its awefull start. Even better: it came when we had a long weekend full of friends visiting to hang out together.  What more can you ask for?    Well , a cool beer, some shade and some water to splash in , I suppose. The lake beach was overcrowded, but the river in the woods turned into an unofficial beach until the nearby dam opened to allow some kayakteams to pass and our little pebble beach was taken by the swollen water.  Oh well, we could still cool off our feet on the side.

Swimmers in Robertville lake

the Warche river

Cooling off

It almost looks like a little beach here!

Our garden was transformed in a camping spot

Back to the unofficial beach

watching the kayaks come by in the swollen Warche

High tide in the Warche

Warning for sudden variations in water level....yep indeed


Brian Miller said…
i would have def been in the playing in the creeks...smiles....

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