Sol Lewitt - Colours @ Museum M

During the M-idzomer festival, I had the opportunity to go and see the exposition of Sol Lewitt in the Museum M. I had read about it before here, but the pictures had not truly given the same impression it made when I was in front of the drawings. So awesome what you can achieve with lines in 4 directions and 3 colors! 
I had no idea that these paintings/drawings were recreated for each expostion and only live as long as there is the exposition. They are temporarily murals, created by a few dozen artists under supervision of the Sol Lewitt studio... and destroyed by overpaiting them after the exposition. This way they can 'travel' around the world, long after Sol Lewitt's death. They did this in fact right from the start, ...always had his paintings executed by others while he made very detailed designs and instructions how to execute.   In his vision he is the artist, creating the concept  and the others execute....if they do not stick to the plan, they become the creator and the artist rather but only creating a parody on the original work.   If they make a mistake, that is ok as all drawings are live and each piece of art contains mistakes.   Interesting huh. 

So here's a big square divided in 4 squares with each different directions of straigh lines & directions combined 

Combining simple lines & colors across the wall come together beautifully in a figure in the middle

These huge , conceptually very simple murals were really breathtaking

curving line across a roomsized mural, bottom part glimming.


Brian Miller said…
some really interesting art...combining color and texture....intriguing...
zusjesenzo said…
Staat ook nog op mijn to do lijstje!

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