Cycling and drinks in the neighbourhood

Each year the GP "Poeske" Jef Scherens comes by our door in Leuven.  And the neighbours across the street got the tradition to gather outside for some drinks while watching the race. Since last year we join and enjoy to get to know the people in our neighbourhood better...something which is not always easy in a city along a busy street. 

It turned out a beautiful day, sunny & nice company with an overload of food in the potlock dinner.

Each time of the 14 lapses of the race that came by we approached to cheer them along.

As always there's an amazing number of following cars in such a cycling race.

In Leuven we know the good beers obviously.

Tom Boonen unfortionately didn't win, despite his fans

Some German fans showed up along the road.

All along the ring road there was a nice crowd

Kids screamed and tried to attracked the racer's attention in all kidn of ways to obtain their water bottles.


Brian Miller said…
that is pretty cool....the kid lining up his cars...ha...i wonder if all kids do that...mine do...

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