You've been ousted as mayor

A constant stream of people walking on and off in the neighborhood
with a white note in the hand,
Some old lady strongly supported by family,
2 families chatting on the sidewalk,
The scouts selling some fresh pumpkin soup,
...I can't help finding going (mandatory) voting something social & cosy

Everyone on twitter & FB posting when they fulfilled their voting duty,
commenting on the waiting time
and reassuring they voted "on the best"

Results come in showing no true surprises
since trends & sentiments had been picked up already by polls beforehand
and been over analysed until we were all dreaming all one-liners & pro's and con's

At the end of the evening nobody lost and everyone lost, depending who's talking
* because they showed the biggest progress compared to other parties (even though they only end up third or so)
* because they are the biggest party (regardless they lost a significant amount of seats)
* because they really didn't do as bad as everybody predicted in these difficult times(but of course they didn't have a good result at all)
* because they are the only party that showed progress in so many towns (even tiny and not influential anywhere)

Elections: it's a win win!  (almost)


Brian Miller said…
i am really not looking forward to our election...i fear it will get ugly...but i will vote...

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