• As soon as I posted my New Year's List, I all of a sudden had several thoughts that I had forgot to post but that had crossed my mind the days before and obviously the days after . "oh, I should have added that to my list, that would have been quite witty".   So here I am , trying to remember but obviously I all forgot them again.  Oh well, I am making a new draft post, and let it simmer for a while, allowing myself to add a new bullet now and then. So this post starts early January....who knows when I'll decide it is finished and ready for posting?
  • For the first time in years, I sent my Christmas cards before the new year!  That is an enormous achievement!! Usually I'm glad if I get them out of the door mid-January. 
  • Rain after snow....1 day of rain and you are so sick of it.  
  • In November some road construction workers made a hole in the parking space nearby and a piece of grass across the road  and then left it open with piles of dirt to the sides.   Today, 10 weeks later, they've spent half a day working on it again....leaving it open with piles of dirt to the sides. Looking forward to their return in April. Geeeez. It would be nice to get that parking space back. 
  • I think you guys are all blogging less because I seem to be able to keep up with my feedreader more easily than last year and seriously I don't have that much more time.
  • the cord to control our front (folding) curtain snapped last week. Then I bought a new one in a nearby curtain store, only to realise that the new cord was not compatible and had forced & broken the mechanism. Now we need to renew the entire system. Aaaaaargh, sucks big time.
    Until that's fixed, we'll have to live like the Dutch. 


Jennifer Brown said…
Next year we should exchange address and then send each other Christmas cards. I've never gotten one as far away as Belgium.

Yes, we are all blogging less...


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