Sangria, a quiz and a search

Yesterday our dive club hosted its yearly clubparty: a good time to hang out together with some food & drinks.

Last year I was in bed with high fever struggling in my fight against flu, but this time I was alive & kicking.

We also played our traditional annual quiz, and we got quite close on wining the cup again this year but missed it by 2 points.

The main quiz question came unexpectedly by a 5 year old guest however who had lost his tiny little black dog toy somewhere while running around in the room.  He kept tapping our arms with his sad little face, asking if we had seen the dog, so soon everyone was wobbling on his chair, looking under the table and moving nearby bags& tables without any result.  The quizmaster kept track of the unsuccessful quest and the parents were visibly annoyed/embarrassed by his stubborn sad persistence that we all found rather charming.

So the evening was successfully closed during the clean-up when despite all chair moving earlier,  one chair revealed finally its tiny black treasure sitting quietly.  The happy reunion will be arranged shortly.


Brian Miller said…
oo the sangria and the spread looks nice...what fun...glad the little one found the toy as that could surely wreck a night...smiles.
Goofball said…
well we only found the toy during the clean-up when everybody had left. so I hope the boy was asleep by then...

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