Made in Belgium: Monza / Meuris

Almost exactly a year ago I posted about Noordkaap.  This band stopped in 2000 and the singer Stijn Meuris formed a new band in 2001 "Monza".  With several hits this project ended in 2007 and now Meuris is more making solo music.  1974 has just been released.

I am not a tremendous fan of his sound so I probably wouldn't listen to a full album in one go as it starts to sound whiny and dragged, but despite that he has some pretty good songs made.   (To be honest, I am more fan of Stijn's theatre shows where he shares his passion for stars: check it out here (in Dutch) ....he is a contageous teller !! I think he's a barrel full of emotions, sometimes positive, very often frustrated or angry or sad...which is a good source of inspiration for an artist.


 wat een fijne dag/het zou niet mogen zijn

 Van God Los

 Dood aan alle meisjes


Brian Miller said…
nice enjoyed the music...cant understand a word but he voice has a good tone and goes well with the music...

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