Spring greetings from Leuven

More than 20cm of snow ...all in all not too bad after 24 h of non stop snowing

Well if you didn't believe it yesterday, you sure had to belief it when getting up this morning.  Snow had been falling for hours and snow continued to fall. Well "falling",   with the wind gusts, the flakes often flew by vertically, piling up in big dunes when hitting an obstacle.

You can't belief the relief that I had scheduled a work from home day and didn't need to travel to Amsterdam as so often. Traffic even got stuck in front of our house, where apparently (despite it being a main road) could not be cleared effectively. 
Belgium broke it's traffic infarct record which is now set at a all time high of 1640kms , international train traffic stopped and national train traffic also almost failed completely.  Never seen it that bad before.

Oh gosh, how glad I was I just had to walk with my cup of coffee to my basement office space with well functioning heating. Pheww. 


Brian Miller said…
oh my gosh...your traffic woes astound me...
i hope we are done with snow...
it was nicely in the 60s here today...and sunny...smile.s..

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