Spring forgot to buy a 2013 calendar so it seems and is still asleep, both in Europe as in  Canada & parts of US if I can keep track on Facebook.

Yesterday we went out for a nice dinner with friends and since I was the designated driver, I stared outside at the new snowfall a bit nervously. Fortunately we got home just before the sky really started dumping it down.

Small snow dunes are good bike parking aids :)

With the forecast given, the Easter bells & Easter bunnies will need to find tactics to hide the eggs in snow without leaving visible traces.   Quite different to previous years.


Jennifer Brown said…
Here here! We still have lots of snow. On the other hand it's Calgary so we will have on and off snow for at least another month. Hopefully your snow is gone sooner.
Virtualsprite said…
We have lots of snow in Wisconsin, too, but we should start to see green grass sometime in May. Looks like we have a lot in common with Calgary!

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