Nearby us is a NGO  Mobile School who help street children throughout the world with specially developed & built mobile school carts that are currently already used in 21 countries by trained local street workers.
Since a few years already they campaign (together with other international organisations) to have the UN proclaim April 12th as the International Day of the Streetchild. After all there are 150 million children living on the streets without rights and they deserve a day dedicated to them.

This year the #nostreetkidding campaign challenged all 193 countries part of the United Nations to make and send in pictures with a special nostreetkidding signal (crossing arms with fingers pointing to 1 and 2   and combined read as a Roman 4...symboling 12/4) ...More than 1500 people out of 129 countries have sent in pictures by April 12th.

As apotheosis of the campaign and to show the media the effect, we joined the mobile school volunteers to make a huge chalk drawing on the Ladeuze Square in Leuven.  Unfortunately the weather gods decided to send some huge showers to us, sending the first 2 attempts of chalk drawings litteraly in little streams back down the drain while a wind gust even blew the local mobile school cart to the ground.

But the growing group of volunteers didn't despair and simply started over again a third time. In an amazing speed the 129 flags of the participating countries appeared on the square and the giant nostreetkidding gesture. We were all ready just in time for the local news teams to capture it all for the evening news, so mission accomplished. 

If you want to support this cause as well, you can still join this international petition here


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