Celebrating my mom's birthday

Last week my mother celebrated her 70th birthday! That requires a party of course. We couldn't let that pass but I find it a hard to still make the long drive to my parent's place so instead everyone came over to our place and Jan was the perfect host :). 

Posing on my gymball with my birthday mom!!

Posing with my parents

Birthday surprises...but no grandchild yet ;-)

In the middle of the afternoon we could very briefly enjoy the passing of the GP Jef Scherens that came by nearby. Due to traffic works in Leuven they didn't pass all day but had a new itinerary so they've just zooofffed by once. We were outside just in time to see them pass.


Brian Miller said…
smiles....happy birthday mom....and soon to be grandmother!

hey we used to have one of those balls as well when T was pregnant

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