Parade of all the "Men of the year"

Last week was too hectic & tiring & emotional while I was combining the last working days before maternity leave with lots of preperations & the increasing burden that this big belly is giving me.  So I never found the opportunity to post on the Parade of all the "Men of the year" that took place previous Sept 8th.

As I wobbled downtown, side streets were spitting out already clusters of men in similar suits, carrying flags  or marching bands. They all gathered at some central points but unfortunately there were also some popular pubs there so the actual forming of the parade seemed to take some delay :p.

When the parade finally left, I took place on a nearby bench to practise the new skill "off-the-bench photographing" :p. I enjoyed checking out all the different types of suits, old & new, the pride of the older men proudly marching by and the more nonchalant youngers.  Friend groups from the 20ies, 30ies, 40ies, 50ies, 60ies and 70ies came by clustered intergenerationally in blocs by the ending year of their of their birthyear.  All of these groups were alternated with marching bands of all types.

The men of '63 at the head of the parade being celebrated for their 50th

 Some of these men are simply characters deserving a photograph :-)

Some bands

When the parade is over, it really isn't over...All these men gather in their favourite pubs, they bond and have fun with the musicians still hanging around.  Lots of little parties across the city center :)


Brian Miller said…
still think it is so cool that you all do dressed men....
Jennifer Brown said…
SOunds so wonderfully European!


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