What I'll eat again in a few days/weeks


I love paté but since it always contains liver, my doctor had explicitly forbidden it as one of the few things he mentioned.   Aaah I love paté. But I love paté and realised that I'll have given birth just in time for the new hunting season to start...bringing loads of boar/duck/....and other game meat pates.  Yeay, just in time for me to start eating again.

Préparé (américain)
If I talk to young Belgian mommies, they all seem to have eaten préparé in the first hours after giving birth, assigning the young dads to bring this as the first thing possible into the hospital.  This must be what we crave for most.  Quite funny and totally impossible to understand for any foreigner (except maybe the French & Dutch a bit) who can't even imagine eating this mixture of raw minced meat, mayonaise, worchester sauce, mustard & herbs.  Belgians eat loads of this on their sandwich.

Jan has been eating it in front of my eyes for the last couple of weeks now, claiming he always must have some fresh préparé in the house for me in case I have our baby tonight (and of course raw meat has to be fresh, so he must eat it each time I still can't).  Lucky him.

Raw ham/ Jamon/ ...

In any tapas, with appetizers or simply on a gourmet sandwich you want some of the delicious raw ham's that Europe produces.   They make the boring boiled hams in the supermarkets so pale & tasteless.  No more of the latter quite soon, we'll go for the good stuff agian!

Salami / Saucisson sec

Spending time in Switzerland Haute Savoie last May was tough as there was a great offer of the speciality of Sauccison. ...mmmmmmmm delicious but also dried raw meat so forbidden for me. I love Saucisson, they are one of the reasons I love to go on vacation to the mountains ;). And they are usually abundantly present on Christmas markets (don't ask me why).    Yes, I'll have some!!  No need to wait for Christmas, ...they work perfectly as appetizer snack.


Belgians are the biggest mussels consumers in the world.  Healthy, fast & easy, yummy and no calories: the perfect meal!! Advice was very contradictory on mussels: I guess I could eat them since they are cooked, but with shellfish there is always a risk of a "bad one" that can give you a (mild) food poisoning. I decided not to take the risk.  Best months for mussels is only starting now anyway (months with a r in their name).

Red meat
Seriously, any meat "well done" lacks tenderness, texture & taste.


I learned in the past months, how often I pick "carpaccio" as entry in a restaurant. (and also how most of the cold entries in a restaurant all contain raw meat or raw fish in some sort).   

Smoked salmon:
similarly, so many good salads in summer   or fish carpaccio's   or breakfast buffets in good restaurants, offer you slices of smoked salmon.  they could be perfectly fine but have some risk depending on the way they've been packaged before.  So I took no risk.

Same counts for any sushi & sashimi

In general I realised how often I in fact eat raw meat and raw fish and how delicious these are!!


Jennifer Brown said…
What an interesting list! The first thing I wanted after giving birth was coke (which I didn't drink alot of during pregnancy as it made the baby move and move and move). Second to that was WINE!! I was excited for wine again.

Enjoy eating all your foods!


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