Introducing Kabouter to snow

While US blizzards hit our news over the last months, our winter has been very very mild so far.  ...5-10C with sufficient showers and sometimes sun.   The temperatures are nice but I am/was hoping that we'd experience also a bit of true winter to enjoy in the Ardennes.

So finally there is a little bit of snow at Belgium's rooftop (>550m) . Good enough to get out for a walk and let Kabouter experience the concept of this white stuff for the first time.  To be honest...although he looked around and tried to absorb most of the walk actively, I am not sure if he quite got it.  It was a nice walk though.

Ready to face the cold outside :)

The beauty of the boglands in the snow

A monument for an Australian pilot and French gunman , killed in WWII in 1943

Jan showed our favourite cows, the local highlanders

I tried to show him the white stuff from closeby but daddy's funny faces were cooler to respond too ;)

Just a few miles further at Belgium's highest point itself, it was still freezing,  transforming the forest in frozen giants.  Breathtaking beauty.

After all this excitement, someone was quite knackered :D


Brian Miller said…
ha. i would be as well....
those cows are so their long hair....what a smile there on your knee as well...