I've never done a product review before, and I can feel your fear that as of now every baby product I use will get a review on this blog.  Don't worry, I don't belief this will become a habit.  But I remember being very much in doubt before Kabouter's birth whether we'd put a diaper bin on our birth wish list or not. I had heard very contradictory information on them : they were both indispensably as a waste of money and trap of the big commercial baby industry creating unnecessary needs.

Beforehand I had only heard of the Sangenic bins that wrap all diapers individually in plastic in their bin. During my research I had all of a sudden discovered a different type : the Korbell bins.  On user fora , I read positive comments on its functionality to contain the bad odors out while in fact not wrapping all diapers individually but gathering them in one big plastic until the bin is filled. That way you consume way less plastic compared to the Sangenic diaper bins and you need less refills.   The Korbell bin can later be continued as a normal garbage bin. I visited them in the store and was a bit disappointed by their small size (same for the Sangenic by the way), but didn't think of them as very ugly.  

So we put one on our wishlist and as soon as we were using it, we were quite happy about it, in such a way that we've ordered a 2nd one. We now use one in the bathroom next to the bath/changing furniture and one in the living room.  And both are odor free.  After 4 months (!!!) I had to change for the first time a refill for them.  

It's true that a good solid garbage bin eg a Brabantia captures just as well the diapers odorfree (we do that in the Ardennes), yet I find it disturbing each time we use the garbage for our domestic trash. Ouch, it smells when you open it then! Brabantias can be quite big, so your bag will last a while, so the diapers will be in there for a bit as well. Having a separate diaper bin for that matter is an added value to me.  

The use of it is quite easy: open the lid with your foot, drop the diaper on top and the inside lid will quickly open and close so the diaper falls inside. Inside the bin is a big bag that you simply tie a knot at the bottom. When full, you open the side door and pull the bag down, cut off the plastic on top by sliding the bag on the side of the opened door through the special cutting device. Then you tie a knot at the top as well and you can dispose of this filled up bag.  You pull down the plastic again inside the bin from the top and tie a new knot at the bottom and off you go again until it's filled up again.   

So if there's any hesitating pregnant ladies reading this blog, I can recommend the Korbell bin to you :)


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