Made in Belgium: Hooverphonic update

A bit more than 4 years ago I have introduced Hooverphonic to you. Unfortunately at that moment the lead singer Geike had announced to leave the group to persue a solo-career.  For a few years it became very silent about Hooverphonic . The 2 founders of Hooverphonic , Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts organised a contest to find a new lead singer and they took their time.   Finally in 2010 they had found the unique pearl they were looking for: Noémie Wolfs.

Right from the 2nd start, Hooverphonic was scoring hit after hit again. Sure Noémie has a brilliant voice, but I find her ice-cold. She shows the emotions of a pebble and makes me miss Geike for that reason a lot. Nevertheless it's good to have Hooverphonic back on air with new work.

Lately they also organise philarmonic tours and bring their hits in orchestra versions. This shows how Alex Callier keeps on searching & innovating his ever creativity. Being coach of the program "the Voice" clearly isn't enough for him :)

original post : Hooverphonic  with older music and with Geike on voice


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