New Year's wishes

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that 2014 brings you happiness.

Traditionally we visit in the first weekend of the year our parents to get together with the family and wish them a happy New Year.  
Then it was time for my nephew then reads his New Year's letter to his godmother. 

Kabouter went around on all arms, sucking in all the attention given to him.

After a big delicious meal we went on to visit my aunt who had not met Kabouter yet.

By the time we reached Jans family he was totally exhausted (after crying half an hour in the car) and has not shown them his eyes anymore. Frankly I was also pretty drop dead tired after such a family new year's tour! Fortunately we don't do this on New Year's day itself anymore like we used to do in the past, but we grant us first a few days to recover from celebrating new year's eve :p. 


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