The first time...

My life changed in a quite drastic way in 2013...I guess you know that if you have been reading this blog even just a little bit :p. Sorry if this became too much of a mommies blog.   Little did I know a year ago that we'd get our biggest present possible in 2013.  Almost a year ago a little line on a stick made it clear our life would never be the same again!

The arrival of Kabouter wasn't the only change however.  The end of 2013 also brought some first time changes in my life:

  • I am owning a car for the first time
  • I am having my own mobile phone subscription for the first time
  • I am without a job for the first time
(they are all linked since I've been so spoiled to have had a company car and company phone for the last 13 years). 

So 2014 hopefully brings me further big changes quite quickly:  a new fun challenging job and maybe in the mean time some good courses and self-study to tickle my brain. And hopefully my aversion for change and fear for uncertainty doesn't freak me out as much anymore as it did when this happened to me.  But fortunately I recovered a bit from the shock already and I also see opportunities in the situation: Kabouter doesn't need to spend full-time in daycare but we get to enjoy each other more and I can breastfeed him longer. And hopefully I'll look like this phase in my life by the end of 2014 as a good learning lesson that turned out for the better.


Jennifer Brown said…
Having a child is SO life changing. Good that it can teach you to be good with change as they change so much. Funny some of the other things you mention about your own cell phone and car. =) Good luck in finding a new job too.

Brian Miller said…
so why dont you have the job? maybe i need to read back...did you quit when you had the baby? new job...oy i have some catching up to do...smiles.

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